Looking for Streamers To Watch


Evolve Streamers Not This:

This is my list so far:

Evolve Main

Only been able to see a few since my list is new, but looking forward to the others :smile:

Please provide more :smiley: Provide your own, a friend’s or just someone who you think is good.

I tend to have a lot of free time at different times of the day and I can’t always jump in a game when I’m working so this is the next best thing besides youtube :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI My twitch tag is MeridianArc and I do tend to chat a bit, but sometimes me and the wife just listen to the ramblings and laugh lol

EDIT: More organized thread exists in community section. Please post here instead to add to the list!


I’ve been on the fence for streaming. Not sure if my PS4 could stream very well. Normally the connection is very good but for streaming you need top notch. If I do choose to, it’ll be OriginalHydrawolf . Apparently someone had my name already so I had to resort to that -_- . If any streamers have any tips (particularly for PS4) I’d love to hear 'em! Oh, and I’m monster main.


I stream but not nearly enough to get a following. im on late like 9pm -12 pm PST.

monster player is usually the only time i stream. If im with my buddies as hunter i usually dont like to. to many bad jokes XD


I stream every now and again just for fun, my channel’s here if you want to tune in some time: http://www.twitch.tv/plaff_


Cool beans. I love to see how monsters run :slight_smile: Bookmarked your twitch channel just in case you get things setup.

Following is a following even if only 1 :slight_smile:

Thank you :+1:


I’ll stream more if you want - www.twitch.tv/mendicantbias00


I won’t say no to that, but don’t stream more on my account lol I’ll have nothing to do one day and busy the next. Work and house routines are random.


Oh trust me I know!

Past streams will be up for a while after. No biggie if you never watch them. I usually just review to see where I messed up.


my stream is twitch.tv/heidnu I am apart of epex though… so if you like hearing nightmare rage at wardoom and vise versa then I highly recommend watching sometime… It gets hilarious. Aside from that I am a tournament monster player.


I stream nearly every night, im from UK so GMT +0, my twitch is my psn : EbonPredator, i mix it up with some hunter and monster gameplay, if im playing hunter im with my team so its pretty high lvl gameplay and we tend to have most people leave because they dont want to lose their Unbeaten streak lol


You can watch my stream! http://www.twitch.tv/poo2moo


Booneyo is my channel, follow me please :slight_smile: I am new to twitch and have just started to stream evovle and I play everyday, I will be getting a kinect in a week or two so I will have a camera for the streamers to see me

I’m 165 as kraken on Xbox my goal is to get to the top 50s

I also play hunter as well, and am down to play with people who watch my stream and get games going as monster or hunter

I need more follows guys help a fellow evolve player out please :slight_smile:


I miiiiiight stream later tomorrow at around 5PM PST?


This topic already exists


Jayrob2k72, RenzukenIII, and Under_shade are all good channels



I tend to have one of the less crowded chat rooms with more loyal followers than the OMG THIS GUY IS SO DOPE streamers that has so much chat you cant read anything.

I tend to be lonely at times doe… sniff


I searched different things and didn’t see this thread so thank you!

Ironically I just searched “twitch” and it was near the top results so that was one of the terms/phrases I didn’t search v.v That said, I do have a few more that aren’t mentioned in that thread so I’ll compare and add the new ones I have later.

Note to anyone else - please post their link in this thread:

Thank you again to everyone who contributed :smile: I was able to get a few hours of streaming in yesterday by channel hopping lol


No problem :smile: