Looking for/Starting Team (Xbox One)


Assault/trapper here and my buddy medic looking for a competitive team to join or start. We are good players who want to join a competitive team and win tourneys. If you would like to play with us, send a message to me xStellarJaegerX or MarbleGarden, my buddy.
We just need a good trapper, support and monster. (Possibly assault).
Hope to start a good team in time for Sunday. Perhaps practice if we get the full roster.
Hope to see you. Thank you!


You wouldn’t happen to have been formerly known as Stellar Tiger? Would you?


Yup. Thats right.


DarkMesa, number one Cabot. I used to play with you, Feral, and Gecko.

I am currently pretty busy with Destiny, but once I’ve had my fill of the new content I would be willing to check out your team.


For sure man. And yeah I remember playing with you. You were a great player, so having you check the team out would be great.


Think I could try out Trapper?


Yeah. Me and my friend will be on tomorrow, so we can play.


I play Assault, and leader board may not count but I’m #9 Markov looking for a new little competitive team. If you want, message me or something.