Looking for someone with a mouse-sensitivity premium account for numbers

I made this thread over at reddit but got no dice.

I’d like to come back and have some fun, definitely stream it a bit. However, I want to have a properly calculated sensitivity that transfer over from my other games. I change sensitivity a lot, so I’m going to properly request several different numbers just so that I can save them all somewhere and never have to ask again (hopefully…?)

For those of you who don’t know… I’m kind of a big deal!

[size=10]No, just kidding.[/size]

I didn’t really know what category to put this in. Sorry if “General” is the wrong category.

Its such a personal thing just go offline and get close as you can til it feels right its what the rest of us do if youv’e played with a mouse for any period of time you should get the right feel pretty quick:/. or use the programme that comes with your mouse to make it set one setting for all games logitech mice are great for this.


No thanks.

ok good luck.

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No need for mouse sensitivity in this game. Just play :markov_cute: and left click.

I prefer Val, and getting near 50% of my shots as headshots.

Thought I’d make a bump here to see if prime-time hours would net me anything.

One last chance at this ;\