Looking for someone to play with - xbone


i’ve never reached out to random people to play a game with before, but absolutely none of my friends play this game, and i really wouldn’t mind having someone else to play with.

i play pretty much daily, and i am a level 36 currently. i’ve been primarily a monster player, but been dumping quite a bit of time into the hunters lately. out of the new T4 i only have slim elite, so i’m still working on the others.

i like winning (obviously) but i play just to relax and have fun. i don’t order people around and am pretty easy to get along with. if there’s anyone else out there looking to team up with someone, feel free to add my GT -

theMUSTARDTlGER (the ‘l’ in tiger is actually a lowercase L)



you in the GMT time zone? Or uk in specific?


hey, thanks. i added you back, friends list seems to be down right now though.

i am in canada (-4:00), sorry about that. haha.