Looking for recordings to practice casting before release


Hey all. I’m looking for some videos of the games you’ve recorded so I can practice casting them and get used to the rhythm of the game.

Any games are welcome, although I’d much prefer games that are close.

Thanks, and happy hunting,

Playlist for my casts

Any casters out there?

will you be a caster for my stream?


Depends on the time and the setup, but sure. Link it and something I can contact you and we can figure out the details.

Checked your profile and found what I needed. I’ll contact you on steam.


I have tons of videos from the Big Alpha as well as Beta on my Youtube channel. www.youtube.com/user/maddcowqq. Feel free to look through any you might like. I don’t have many where I don’t talk through what I’m doing or why and/or answering questions in my twitch stream.


my streams are here if you wanna practice


Thanks. I may end up just muting them from you and seeing how that works.


I need a place where I can download it. I haven’t found a good way to run that with twitch.


I got permission from the number one monster (number two player) Aurora Symphony to cast some of his games from his channel.

Here’s the specific video: Practice Cast One