Looking for PS4 players to team with


Greetings community i have add some people on my PS4 list through these forums i’m looking for more whiling to team up, i just got the game like 4/5 days ago and i still didn’t had time to dedicate myself to it, i never played nothing like this, the most similar experience i had to this was back in the day playing Doom or Quake, but even these don’t compare.

So yeah i’m a big rookie in this universe, but i hope to find people here to add and maybe from time to time team up and have some fun, i know that this game requires thinking not simply guns blaising or just to hack & smash as a monster.

I want to learn i’m reading guides, watching videos and streams when i can and as much as i can. From next Friday until April 5th i wont be gaming due to vacation.

Please if you don’t mind adding me please post your ID here and will give you mine right away. I’m hopping to immerse myself into the PS4 Evolve community.

Thank you all for your patience.


Add me LosSalvatierras I can teach you some things


Will do…anyone else?


I can play with you


Do you have a PSN ID?


Yeah, same as here.


Cool man thanks i appreciate that…i just sent you a request :slight_smile:


If you sent me the request resend it because I had to change my settings I realized.


Throw me an add Azurewraith1 just mention your from here and if you ever want to do some hunting shoot me a msg even if implaying something else(i dont like playing evolve alone)


I’m also on a short vacation. We shall hunt together.

PSN: AndyZ_907

Level 40 very chill, Elite Markov and all the medics. can play any class that isn’t filled. Everyone else can add me too


Just can seem like a stupid question…could i know your guys ages? Myself i’m 28…getting old xD


23 but some days i feel like im 80 XD


Well then imaging how i feel lmao xD


Greetings again sorry if i’m bothering you. I sent you a request i don’t know if you got it. Hope we can team up sometime.


By the way i sent request to you all :smiley:


Not bothering me I’m just away from my ps4 for a bit. I’m unable to send request but I can accept them when I get back online


Ok cool :slight_smile:


Ill play with ya hit me up PSN: SGT_CHAOS_101AB


Heyo if anyone needs an extra player, I can play any of the classes but I prefer Medic,Trapper and also monster
PSN: Flashtounge


Good morning everyone hello SGT_CHAOS_101AB & Flashtongue i’m going to add you guys in a bit.