Looking for ps4 players to have fun / competitive with


What’s up everyone my names Judic and I’m looking for friends / teammates to play with ( ps4 )

Give u some back ground on myself:

I’m a former pro CS player ( legitimate pro )
Mgo, LoL
Almost every game I’ve put effort into I usually wind up pushing myself to top teir. This isn’t a look at me I’m cool and special kinda crap.

I’m really looking to get into this game. I just started a week ago. Love this game. Awesome concept.
But being on ps4 it’s hard to find people that are willing to have fun and learn without rage quitting like a bunch of asshats. Lol.

I’m looking for a 420 friendly fun group of people to play with. So far I usually play medic or support and I’m just a funny laid back dude.

Anyways hit me up if ur looking to create a set 5 or just a have fun group. But my end game goal is to create a set team in which to possibly enter tournaments with ( not absolutely necessary but would atleast like to push my self to that point ).

Anyways please add me. Thanks again in advance.

Username : Judic420

Good Assault/Trapper Looking For A Group On PS4

I’m down anytime I’m home tho I just got back to work and won’t be home for about 17-18 days


Yo Judic, feel free to add me if u like (Call_my_Mummy). I´m playing with the same bunch of people (Skinky is one of them as I see his post here^^) and the more we are the better it is :wink:


Where are you from? I mean, what timezone?


I was actually just planning to put a post out today looking for a support player for a competitive team. Are you from America or elsewhere?


I’m est timezone and yes america. And not sure I’m qualified just yet to run competitive straight out the gate. Lol. But trust me it won’t take me long to be there.


I am not a group but I can play with you on ps4 please respond


Hello there!
My team (Team Orb-Mor)
consists of top players and gold/silver destroyer hunters and monsters.
We have been participating in tournaments and the community since the release of this fantastic game.

Our team roster:
demonhunter1245 (me) #7, almost #6 Torvald
Socom-Sku #2 Hank
Arrowking13 #4 Laz
The_Player_Tamer #7 Maggie
Would definitely would love you get together with you, because we are always looking for a fourth.
Add me on PSN; demonhunter1245


Well, I’m going to try and get back into the game properly when 9.0 drops. I’m as rusty as all fuck, so I think easing myself back into the game alongside at least one person who’s learning/getting into the game is probably the best way to go about it.

I did have a team, but I have no idea if they’ve managed to replace me.

PSN is the same as my username here. Just attach a note to any friend requests you may send telling me where you found me, just because I’m kind of particular about things like that.


That’s alright. As long as you’re willing to take criticisms and practice I’m sure you’ll be ok. I’ll send you a friend request, and if you want we can run through some quick play as you learn the different characters and tactics.


What role would you prefer to take over?


As a hunter I’m usually good with anything that’s not Trapper. I’m also not a particularly strong monster player, but I will be willing to play monster if we’re playing some custom rotational games.


I’m the trapper, so no worries there. We are looking for an assault and support who can play two characters.


Fair warning, I consider Support my “main” class, but I prefer playing the offensive Support characters (Cabot, Bucket, Kala) over the defensive ones, which is part of the reason I’m waiting on 9.0 to drop before I make an effort to get back into Evolve.

As for Assaults, the only Assault I’d say that I’m objectively bad at is Parnell.


That’s fine by me. I think it’d be a good thing to have a support who could switch between an offensive and defensive comp. You’re welcome to try your hand at either role


Yeah, I can play both types of Support (or could, I’m gonna need to get myself back into the game in a big way) I just prefer playing the offensive Support characters.


hey add me! geniusbar99


I just sent you a friend request. My name is Rossowns im always looking for people to play with and want a competitive team eventually.