Looking For PS4 Players :P


Hello everyone, new to the forums. Not new to the game. Just looking for more people to add to my friends list so I don’t have to run strictly randoms. Would be great to form a good team to play with. I have a mic.

Psn name: Gavin glycerine

Feel free to add me, invite me whenever.

Good Assault/Trapper Looking For A Group On PS4

I’ll be willing to help whenever I’m on.


There are a couple of communities you can check out. Evolve community and Evolve Reddit Community. There are always players on there. Also my PSN is BustedJynx.


I’ll hook you up with @Torvald_Stavig and his ever-growing group of cohorts, if he’s cool with that.


What the what?

And yeah I’m fine with it :wink:



Ionno, any time anyone on the forums asks for PS4 players someone links you. Figured it was my turn


Thanks for the responses so far. Have added.


Which timezone are you at ´cause I have European time…anyway, feel free to add me (Call_my_Mummy)…


Europe here as well, over 800h playtime.
PSN: TatzyXY
Steam: TatzyXY


Hi Sven nice games yesterday it’s Tom!


Yes was really fun. Win Streaks :slight_smile: - Lets play again.


I’ll add you when I get home :slight_smile:



I’d love to play sometime :smiley_cat:


I’ve already added you but if anyone else wants to squad up my PSN is silverskull23. I mostly play ranked but do some customs. I like to play for fun but I only ask that everyone works together so we can hopefully win most of our matches.


I’m on as well!



Adding all of you soon! Really excited to add the @TatzyXY duo. Played against them as monster before and they were killer


Tatzy-Power!!! :smiley:


PSN is Rossowns send me an invite I’ll play whenever


psn Danji-dani-

already have some of you guys on my friends list, sometimes missing 1 or 2 persons for a full group :slightly_smiling:

p.s.: steam danji-dani- mostly doing only quickplays at pc atm


Add me on psn:bigbossblue