Looking for Proof Readers


Hello everyone! After so long and so much work I’m proud to say that finally today, we’ve finished the majority of our Wiki Pages and would now like to invite just a few people to come proof read what we have.

This doesn’t mean we’re done! We understand that the game is ongoing and as such, a wiki is on-going as well. But it does bring us one step closer!

So what do we need exactly?
We’re looking for just a couple of people to help us out by reading through the Wiki and determining if what we have is accurate, up to date, and on par with standards. If you find something questionable, inaccurate, or otherwise out of date, please report back in detail.

What we’re looking for from you
Honesty: If we suck, tell us we suck and then tell us why we suck so we can improve.
Patience: The game isn’t out yet so we just don’t have all of the answers at this time. Some pages may need further updating but may have to wait until more information is available.
English comprehension: The wiki is written in US.English which may differ from UK.English but is still legible all the same.
Communication: Our Skype ID is EvolveWiki. We’ll be using it to communicate quickly with respective individuals but if you don’t have Skype then a simple PM here will suffice as well as an email to webmaster@evolvewiki.com.

What you can expect from us
Professionalism: The website owner and I are both strict on attitude and how we present ourselves. You won’t be ignored, belittled, or treated poorly by any means. Guaranteed.
Response and Considerations: We’ll read through every critique you have and make an effort to actually fix it right then and there without delay unless there is a good reason we cannot, in which that reason will be shared with you immediately.

What we’re trying to accomplish
We’re trying to be the number one source of data, information, and community for Evolve. Plain and simple.

If you’re interested in helping us out and ensuring our information is accurate and up to date as of Oct 26th, 2014. Then please send me a PM here.