Looking for players (xbox one)

Hi all, I am very new to the fourms and evolve. I am posting here (hopefully the right place) to find new friends/players who are willing/intrested in playing some good old fun games. And help me with the ropes.
xbox gamertag: LORDPUFFIN709

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Yes you are in the correct place! Welcome to Evolve and the TRS forums it’s good to have you. I hope you get involved with the community, we are a happy family here!


Hi there LORDPUFFIN709, welcome to the forum. It’s always nice seeing new faces. It’s worth giving this topic a read if you haven’t already. It will show you what’s what around here.

Being so you’re looking for Xbox players, this topic should help too.

Again, welcome. I hope you’re here for the long run. :wink:

Add me I’m always on after 6 central time
Gamertag: XxELxBEASTROxX

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