Looking for Players (Xbone)


I’m looking for somewhat high level players. My friends have lost interest in Evolve and don’t like playing with randoms. I’m on almost everyday. My information is bellow.

Gamertag- McFuzzelz
Age- 16
Time Zone- CDT
Main- Support, but I’ll play anything except Assault.

Just message me here with your gamertag or on Xbox. Thanks.


Top 300 Goliath,750 Kraken,1k Wraith.
GT - GrandMastaPoc


I messaged you on Xbox.


Hey, I was wondering if you could add me. Would be nice to have at least one Friend on XBL that still played.

Time Zone: EST
Amount played: A couple of hours almost every day
Main: Medic or Trapper but I am competent in every role (including Monster if you’re running Customs)
Age: 22 - I feel I am pretty mature
I have a mic and feel I am pretty good at this game
GT: xE1NSTE1Nx2049 (same as name on here)
Message me so I can add you too - look forward to playing with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anyone feel free to add me good at medic or trapper, competent at other roles GT : Stirar


Add me, however I specialize in support. EST here, on until about 2-3 am. GT same as above, anyone on here that is looking for a player, feel free to add me.

Ps, can play medic and trapper also