Looking for players to play ranked with


Basically me and one guy want to get more players to play ranked with.

I can play any role except medic and the guy I’m with is currently playing a lot of medic right now. He played on the xbox before and was one of the best sunny players.

here’s my profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197987911357/ add me and we’ll play together sometiems :wink:

and my friend’s name is Evo Sleepytime or you might know him as -SUPERKUSH720. Maybe you’ve heard of him?


anyone feel free to add me as well happy playing any role hoping to get into tournament play as well http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198168733843/ feel free to add me on console as well I’ll be playing when evolve comes back to console gt: snowbals chance


What rank and time zone are you in, because I’m only like bronze as I didn’t have a group to queue with and kept losing, also my time zone is London 00:00 as I’m in the UK


Iceland GMT + 0 silver skilled/expert


Nice, add me on steam (link is on my profile) if you wish to play ranked, I use discord mainly to voice chat but I can also use teamspeak, unfortunately I do not speak Icelandic but can speak English and Italian. Also bring along any more players you can get if you wanna play.