Looking for players Overwatch


While Evolve is still the best, :monster: I have just gotten into overwatch and want to find some friends to play with, I kinda suck, except when I don’t… but I could be better with a teammate.


Overwatch PC

This might be a bit awkward but hey if you see me on feel free to invite me don’t worry I don’t bite since I’m already on your friends list :stuck_out_tongue:


The LFG sub is for Evolve related groups. :wink:

I went ahead and moved your topic.


oh haha :sweat_smile: I knew one or two of my friends had it.


oh thanks!


I play Overwatch on PS4. If you don’t mind playing with a 15 year old with a stupid PSN you can add me: Prof_BOOM. I’ll play anything.


Me! Ladie_au_pair


idk what ur talking about, that PSN is Kawaii af. i’m just messing with you XP it will be fun to play with anyone from this community, i’ll add you.


So you’re the person impersonating me out there!


I’m sorry! I’ve had it from early PS3 days. I thought it was cool back then. :joy: :sob:





Calmsong. Mic’d and flexible in classes.


@This_Is_VALHALLA if you need anybody, I’m here. s-hunty_1967 on PSN. I play any and all characters.


If you ever want to make the server crash again, you know where to find me :joy:


Mercy had no mercy on that server.


Any PC overwatch players?

I’ve been looking to start up full team games, rankings coming out soon and competitive mode!

Feel free to add me


We (mods and leaders) have decided to use this topic as the general Overwatch looking for group topic. It is the TRS forum after all so I think one overwatch looking for group topic is enough.

I’ve edited the title so the topic’s not just for ps4 players. It might be worth adding your platform in your posts next to your gamertags or steam names or whatever now by the way :smile:


sounds good, thanks.


@LadieAuPair I see you’re on Overwatch. Need people to play with?


I know you have an Xbox! Join us!