Looking for Players on PS4 and PC!


Hi everyone! I’m recruiting for a clan called Nova and looking for players on both PC and PS4. If any of you are interested please comment and PM me. The clan focuses on competitive gameplay and tactics but having fun is our number one priority!
To sign up, you MUST have a win/loss ratio of at least 1.0. Then you can try out and one of our coordinators will evaluate you! It’s not as hard as it may seem though, we’re looking for team-oriented players who can contribute to the fun and game.
Anywho, PM me and I can give you more information. And please state what platform you are on in both the thread and PM. Any other info would be appreciated too (win/loss ratio, total wins, favorite class, etc.)

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Bump, still looking for more players on both platforms!
Additionally, we value fun, competitive gameplay above all us! Would love to see others join!


do you have a support position open on PS4, because i love to join. P.S. i suck as everything else.


We take players in all positions, so you are more than welcome to join regardless of what position you play.


Hei, what timezone you on?


Yo, I’m looking for a team. PC


I’m in Pacific standard and our PC coordinator is in Central Standard but we don’t care what time zone you’re in, really. Even if you’re on the other side of the world there is still a time where we’re both awake.


I will run you by our PC leader. If you could PM me your steam ID we could get started right away!


So how’s this work, just basically a pool for players whom need a party?


Not necessarily. We are a legitimate clan, not simply a pool of players for picking and choosing for parties. You can join, and collaborate with our other clanmates and team up with any of them on any day through our forums that we’re constructing. We will also have competitions within the clan so we can all compete with each other, and it’s basically just a group of people larger than a party who aim to have fun with a diverse amount of skillful players they know.


I sent you a msg, vaypon.


Suppose I’ll give it a go.
Ranked 1843 globally
Play on PS4
W/L is 2.09 with 327 wins
I play mainly medic and support, but that’s due to preference, not skill. I’m versatile. To be more precise, my preferred characters are Slim/Laz for medic, and Hank/Sunny for support. As I said though, only due to preference.


Do monster players fit anywhere in there? :monster:


Of course they do, we have our competitions set up so that every team either includes 4 hunters and one monster or 3 hunters and someone who plays hunter and monster. So all competitions in the clan are based on your team’s ability to both hunt monsters and fight off hunters!
In addition, we will also have custom matches going every weekend so that both our hunters and monsters can get better in high-level play while having fun. And the observer mode will allow an additional player to learn a few things by watching the match.

So in short: yes, yes they do.


Ranked in the top thousand on 3 out of 4 monsters.
top thousand with maggie(almost elite), haven’t played with many good hunters always with randoms.


Ps4. Frogot to mention.


Well im down i play on ps4… just need sorta players like myself who dont have a double the death ratio as matches played and who know what they are doing …can play any class on a high level!

psn = Beestelijk


Im on ps4 often when im out of school, my name is mustang83christi. If you want a challenge against a monster player im good.


I will PM all of you shortly when I get the chance. Please message me first if you’re able to!


did you add my steam? im on pc