Looking for players on PC ? Join our Steam group


Hey guys

We’ve set up a group called ‘Evolve Saturdays’ that will hopefully grow into a community for you guys to find other players to hunt with or to play against & test your monster play. We started as a small group that got together on a Saturday night (hence the name) & thought we’d try & extend this to others & make it easier for you to find friends to play with.

If we get enough members we are looking at doing small competitions, that will include prizes for the winning team. As we’re a brand new group (formed on 14-04-15) obviously we need those numbers in to make this possible.

Hope to see you on Shear whether you be friend or foe.

PC player looking for guns!
Anyone up for some custom games?
Any medics looking to join a team for the next tournament PC?
[pc]Looking for players with some sort of sense

Would just like to say thank you to the guys that have joined the group & made it such a success in the first week. It’s not too late for others to join & become part of this fast growing community.

Happy Hunting.