Looking for people who want to team up


Hi all.

I love the game but have no friends playing Evolve at the moment.
I have a hard time to improve my gameplay as I get little to non feedback.

So I’m looking for players that want to team up with me.

One thing, I have zero interest, for the time being, to play monster.

A few things about myself.
I’m 40(ish), guy from the Netherlands. I speak Dutch, English and some German.
I have no set time to play Evolve but I’m playing almost every day at least a few games.
Have a headset for communication.
I play under the name Boevebeest which is also my steam name(I hope).
I’m not hyper competitive but driven to improve myself.

If you are looking for people to play with, please add me and we do a few hunts.

Kind regards

If you


Moved into the right topic.


Yes it is :slight_smile:

Go here on Saturday evening: https://www.twitch.tv/maddcowqq/profile
You meet people, have fun doing it and learn things.
Don´t know the exact time but its around 18.00 i think. There´s post here on the forums where he announces when he starts streaming.