Looking For People Who Still Play This Game - PC

What the title says. I really really loved this game. Haven’t played since Stage 2 died. I really got depressed and pissed about the ultimate fate of this game. The endless possibilities of the variants. The chance at Christmas, Easter, and other special crates with awesome goodies. So yeah…if people still want to pay, tell me when the best time to log on. Playing against the CPU is nice, but it’s just not the same. I want Evolve back…

Where are you from, buddy?

Yeah would be interesting to know, as it’s easier for people from the same timezone to group up together.

Mountain time zone

So it’s 4:42 where I’m at right now

My main concern actually is about location as some lattency can break any game after some treshold :^)

I live in Texas if that’s what you want to know

Oh, I see.
I’m from South America. ping is similar to playing from USA west coast to Europe.

I believe the majority of players playing are from the USA so you shouldn’t have a problem finding players in your region. There’s usualling 500 people playing on peak hours most days last time I checked steam charts

Is this legacy or stage 2 on PC?

Steam tracks both as the same. But I’d guess there aren’t many legacy players. I think some of them have a copy of the legacy on a separate folder and they changed the files when they’re planning on playing it.