Looking for people to play with to kill some time (PC!)


Hey guys, I’m just looking for some people to play with and have fun. I’m gonna say it now, I kinda wanna hog the assault role and spam play Hyde, but I can settle for medic and trapper if need be. HMU If you wanna play. I play from Europe but can play with Americans :3
My steam tag is [HiT]: Hyde is my Husbando
Alternatively leave your steam tag here and we can play ^^
Would prefer if you had a mic (And maybe skype), but it’s not a necessity. As stated I’m just looking for some people for fun.


I’ll play with you when I’m on sometimes. ^.-

Therianthropy is my Steam ID.
I’m American by the way.



I’m willing to drop in whenever I can. Which isn’t as much as some would think.


Added :3


I’ll add when i get home


Im Quirkly on steam (lel so original) I’ll add you when i arrive at home (so…a lot later :frowning:)
Work >_>


Alright you two ^^


Feel free to add me on Steam under The4LetterNerd. I live on the West Coast and play somewhat sporadically, but it would be cool to play in something other than a total pug once in a while (I only have a few friends that have the game, most never play, and one is rarely on when I am). I primarily play support, with a dash of trapper.


me on steam > thegamer118 am a monster player if you want and i ve got a lot of time


I keep getting an error when i add you
heres my link


Hey there

We’ve just started up a steam group to help PC players find others to team up with.

Take a look & if you’re interested join up .