Looking for people to play with on PC!


Hi all

I’m an above average monster player looking to try further what I’m getting out of the game at the moment. I also play trapper but am not hugely confident in how good I’ll be due to how much time I’ve commited to monster play over hunters but can definitely hold my own!

Pub games are becoming a bit easy as of late as I have gotten used to punishing mistakes from hunters and really settled into playstyles

If anyone would like to set up a team of hunters against me or is looking for a monster, so I can really start to push my skills, add my steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/azgoth1000


We have a Steam group set up & we currently have 64 members after just 4 days of forming. We are focused on helping players find others to play with or play against.
I’ve actually just finished a 5 hour session with 8 of us throughout the night, plus there’s other guys grouping up as well.

If you’re interested take a look.