Looking for people to play ranked matches with! (XB1)


Hey everyone,
I’m looking for a few hunters for ranked matches. I play quite often and I’m getting bored of playing with randoms.
I’m best with: Assault
Can also run: Maggie/Waggie, Hank
Never want to play: Medic, Monster

Add me on Xbox if you feel like teaming up. I’m also looking for a good monster player to scrim with.
gt - “Teemoney_slays”


Welcome Teemoney- Finding serious hunters is key for maximum enjoyment! There is a fake account created on xbox which can help- it is called “TheEvolveGroup” … just add it as a friend and then search through “TheEvolveGroup” friends list for fellow hunters. I have only ever played with one hunter who was inexperienced/bad- the rest have done their research and love the game. You can also add me but I’ve been busy lately; my GT is the same as my forum name.


Hey add me, GT is SirLOL5. I’m a Trapper and Medic main and I’m a Silver Expert but I’ve been to Master about 4 separate times


Added! Looking forward to playing some matches!


BipedPlayer2 I play all the medics very well also good with support pretty meh with assault silver elite looking for people that know what there doing


Added! I’ll be on all day.


If you need a Trapper, GT is the same as my username. :sunglasses: