Looking for people to play on Evolve PS4

So I’m barely new to the game and i will like to meet cool people to play with, most of my “friends” play other games, so yeah, simply as that, I’m a cool guy, easy going, I’m 23 years old, i do have a mic (just in case).

Right now i’m getting the hand of it but is really hard to play with randoms, I think i’m getting better and i will like to join a team, you know, daily plays and stuff, competitive or not it doesn’t matter.

So yeah, if u like the idea add me on PSN: JnthnRjs
Just send a msg attached to the friend request saying something like “evolve” and that will be good enough for me, be sure to do that cause i will definitely ask who are you if you don’t.

Thanks and see you later.

bumping the message

What class do you like? What division are you in? What time do you play and what timezone

If i can i play Trapper or support but i don’t mind playing any role, I’m silver skilled (extremely hard to rank up with randoms) timezone CST, on weekends depends if there is a friend who wants to play, I’m online most of the day

As an experienced Trapper I can probably give you a few tips if you want. I’m Silver Skilled too because I currently don’t have a mic and no decent wants to play with me because of that. And as you said all randoms all of a sudden suck. Should be getting a mic in a day or two. I’ll play any class except Medic