Looking for people on Xbox one with headsets


I can play any class gamer tag is MTKI11J07


There are a couple of these threads already pinned at the top. But you can add me Da Don giovanni Proof of my Abilities


Have headset will play whatever gt is xb0x klng


Yes, sorely tired of being thrown into a party of individuals all determined to trek thru the regions of Shears wilderness, yet …all in opposite directions. Or better yet, not coordinating when the Monster player opts to surprise attack lol. Nothing makes me shake my head more than Assult barreling ahead of the group at less than 1/4 health, and completely out of range, only to see a pink skull come up moments later /sigh…

My tag is the same, I prefer running Support, or Medic, all players are unlocked though.


Need one more for hunter team. Gt is o familiar o


Not on right now but I’ll send you all friend requests the next time I am


Looking for team now


I’m coming