Looking for PC team DGL Beta Tournament


Hello, I Main monster player, Assault and Trapper are my best Hunters, as a side note i reached level 38 in the Big alpha, If you’d like to contact and play a few games with me to get an idea of skill level here is my steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006704393

Feel free to add me as a monster to help improve your hunter team or just enjoy a good o’l round of evolve.


Gonna throw you a bone and let you know that’s your personal profile home, but yeah.

I added you, if you want to play some. I look forward to it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhh thanks, I rarely share my steam with anyone outside of a game in it so xD appreciate the heads up


No problem. I think I have a monster player, but if a plane crashes on their house, or I decide I like you more and you’re not busy I’ll let you know

I hope you’ll beat my team’s ass in the beta a round or two, perhaps. :wink:


I’m back for the Beta !!! If you want, my steam ID is : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198117912283/


This is what i would like to have, I played the monster nearly the entire time in the Alpha and i’m not normally an overly excited person but damn did i have fun playing some monster during that short time.

After the alpha i came here to the forms to hopefully get some leg in on some hunter teams that have a higher skill cap.

Though i will say my most favorite moment in the beta was the last day.

lobby levels -37-25-1-1-1 so i had this team full of Brand new people against a 25 monster xD and i coached the living hell out of them about how movement works with the jetpack buttons to press for spot cutting off the monster etc and we won, it was close but we won xD Soooooooooo great.


Could use you as our monster if my team likes you and you’re better than me playing both roles, since the tourney is going 5 man <_< lol


I ran hunter the whole time, and kind of bored through everyone. Playing for 60 hours and only netting a whole 8 losses I was left a little disappointed. Not in the game, but in the level of play I witnessed. xD

So to avoid that, I’m trying to get a hold of some monsters to fight. >:)


Probably going to have teams doing scrims and such also


well its been stated you have to have at least 4 Team members the 4+1 combo isn’t a requirement. you just have to state So and so plays these hunters and this person plays monster.


Yeah, but given the beta is only two days, there is going to be a huge difference between a monster that practiced for two days and a monster that practiced on day… In the long run thats no problem, with this limited amount of time it kind of forces your hand :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I’m saying if you can prove to be that much better than me as monster, otherwise I’m better off playing both :stuck_out_tongue:

So how confident are you is the question? ;]


That can only truthfully be determined when i actually get some chance to play against organized play.

Sure i pub stomped all day in the Big alpha but i’ll be honest it didn’t feel like many of them knew what they were doing or just didn’t work together well, and that is going to be the big difference that makes me or breaks me.

As far as confidence goes I have a pretty fair understanding of the game i have detailed map memory on where certain wildlife spawns and even the lesser wildlife for 3 eats instead of one.

It pretty much will ball down to the two days of real training with a hunter team to get a good feel at where i stand. Other than that i can easily answer a question or two xD


I only trust results, play us on friday and we’ll see ;]


If you’re looking for a team, have a poke around here:
Find Other Evolve Players Here! (Main Hub)


I’m short 3 players in my team ‘Obama and the Michelles’. I’m pretty sure were friends on steam too, so if you want to join just message me there.


I don’t know if people outside of usa can take part but if they can I’m from the uk and wouldn’t mind trying this out. Mainly played monster and won almost all my games but that’s not saying much for that alpha. Happy to play any hunter role.


Your the only one I’ve seen to boast a higher lv than I. I made it to 31 but I had to work all monday :triumph:. I would like to see ur gameplay u have any vids


I’ll be doing my best to get all players into teams, including those that posted here -



Nice I memorized were the wildlife was going to spawn too. I went as far as memorizing where all the tyrants spawn for the health regen if available. My play style was monster then assault, medic, support, trapper in that order. I have 5 vids on youtube Nathon Anderson is my youtube channel.


The only problem i have currently with recording videos at the moment is hard drive space, That and i hate sacrificing performance when playing a game, otherwise i would record. I would stream if i had decent Internet.