Looking for Other Players? Check here first!

Due to the large number of threads dealing with folks trying to find other players, I started this thread to hopefully help you all out. We do have an area within the Hub just for this:

Please scroll down to the FIND OTHER PLAYERS section and be sure to drop your information in one or more of those dedicated threads. Not only will it help you find other people, but it will help other people find you, and thus the community shall grow! I’m also tossing the links here directly for you. In order for the system to work though, again, please input your information too.

Easy Access Links:

XBox One Gamer Tags: Xbox One Gamertags
Steam IDs: SteamID Usernames
PS4 Usernames: PS4 Usernames
Find a Player Mini Hub (to find competitive/casual players): Find Other Evolve Players Here 2.0
Gridom: http://gridom.com/
Battle Standards: http://www.battlestandards.com/clans/8
Steam TRS Forum Group (requires invite): Evolve Forum's Private Steam Group

I have to get an invite to join the steam group O.o

Just give me your steam ID here: Evolve Forum's Private Steam Group and @Takran or I can get one out to you.

LFG Casual Competitive Main Support:Cabot Monster:Wraith

Looking for a good team. I main Medic mainly Caira or laz, I’m level 31 and ready to kick ass. I have a mic! Epic_Elmer_ I’m on ps4

Hi, I am looking for a medic and assault for my team to party up. please send me invite. if you want to play…Xbox One GT: stellartiger

I’m working on setting up a competitive team for PS4. I primarily play Laz, but ca handle other medics and play assault as well. Our team is called Planet Five (but its meaning is exclusive to members). We also wish to hold our own tournaments alongside our participation in others. I’m GrizzlyEatsKids on PS4. If you’re interested in applying for the team, you can either message me on PSN or apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/PdHhg1ZTNg

Level 35 Laz top 25 NA lfg competitive steam ID http://steamcommunity.com/id/Dankkmasta

I can play all chars. I’ll add you later tonight.

Looking for a group on Xbox one, I’m playing now and my gamer tag is; DHG littleadam (I’m no longer associated with DHG anymore by the way.

Xbone, all characters, looking to make a team of 4 hunters and set semi permanent positions to each character to optimize individual skill and raise overall team skill. Looking for teamwork not soloist’s.

My gamer tag is SQUARE Necron
Again I’m on xbone and pacific standard time. But I’m on quite a bit at afternoons and am’s

I am best at trapper and support. need a good assault, and another trapper or support.

Quote this and reply with your gamer tag if your interested. Will either audition a few matches or pick highest ranked depending on the application count.

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Dude I play Trapper, main Maggie and Crow,

GT: OutlawedBlitzer
Xbox Juan

We have a team of 4, looking for one more solid trapper or support. sun tzu357 is my gt.

PC Steam ID: Zacthemidget
Medic looking for a full team of hunters, mic is required, preferably over the age of 18

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Xbone gamertag- UltraLa5erStorm. I need some help finishing up slim’s mastery (tier 3 spore gun), and if anyone wants to help me farm it would be greatly appreciated. I can reciprocate if you want.

Level 36 All Classes looking for decent team, add me (TIMEZONE: GMT +2 (Europe))
PSN: Royal_Scumbag328

lvl 27 Trapper (Crow) looking for group. My best ranking was 198 if that makes any difference.

Hey dude. Lvl 27 trapper (crow), best ranking 198.

Let’s do this. Ibjimigee is my ps4 tag. I usually play as trapper