Looking for nice Teammembers to fight agains new matchmaking (Steam)


i played over 1000h in Evolve till today and since the new matchmaking I have problems to find good matches. I always stuck in lobbys with not so good players and most of the people that i played before left the game.

So I search for players to have some nice games without flaming, ragequitting but with some basic understanding about the game :smile: .

  • you don’t have to use a mic if you don’t want to (I can use mine in skype or teamspeak but we don’t have to)
  • I don’t search for a specific role. All people are welcome that can play that game :smile:
  • I don’t want to play ESL or tryhard competitive. Just some nice rounds, where no one has to be perfect.
  • i play in europe so it would be good, if you are from europe too (but it is not a “must”)

If you want to play, feel free to post here or send me a msg and we can meet on steam.