Looking for monster (winning) videos - AFTER RELEASE, players lvls 20-30 and above


Hello All,

I learn playing monsters and must admit, that this is quite challenging for me (have not played alpha/beta, fresh account since 10th Feb). I watch verious videos to get clues from good players, but have impression that most of these videos are pre-release. Also - the hunters are often tier 1, without challenging ones like Lazarus or combos with Abe.

Anyone could point good & fresh videos, especially for Goliath, with hunters using tier-2 & -3 characters and advanced tactics, please ?


Most players make a lot of dumb mistakes so not many Vids of evolve are out there. You can check out my brothers stream vids. Its Akumasrage11, gotta sift through to find good stuff though. I’m trying to make a montage at the moment gimme a week


I’ve got two Goliath vids up at the moment, and I’m working on a lot more. These first two are beginner level, but I cover some strategy, and if you subscribe you’ll see my more advanced vids very soon.



i stream a lot of evolve, mostly as either wraith or laz but i do play with goliath and kraken too, and i usually win over 70% of my games if you want to watch to see any thing i do different that may help you follow me on twitch and feel free to watch www.twitch.tv/blade5205


Here’s a Wraith win. Probably gonna post a Goliath tomorrow. Thought I had one on record and was gonna upload, but apparently not. There are 2 tier 3’s (Parnell and Caira) and 2 tier 1’s (Hank and Maggie)


Thanks for all links posted ! - I have a look at them all (and still interested for more as well)

In the meatime I finally scored my first win with Goliath - am so proud ! :wink:
(with Kraken and Wraith I managed to do it a few times, but especially Goliath was/is challenging for me)
Anyway, the team was playing mostly Tier-1 hunters - and even though their levels were 20-25 there were not very pro, I would say. So still - I am very hungry for real-life demos for winning with Lazarus, Caira, Abe … especially this kind of teams.


If you use twitch watch http://www.twitch.tv/frozen_synapse he’s just about undefeated as Kraken, though I’ve seen him lose twice.