Looking for Monster to play against (PC)



we’re a group of 4 that is looking for some good Monsters to play against, as preparation for tournament play.

If you feel that’s you, feel free to shoot me a PM!


Hey Sharper, I have a couple monster players from coaching with cow that would like to scrim against stronger organized teams in the future. I’m at work now but I’ll send you the details of them when I get home later tonight.


Sounds great, thanks man.


Steam ID is Quirkly, Im down I suppose ^.^


I’m kinda curious as to how I’d fair, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’d be bringing something amazing to the table to prep with. From what I’ve heard, I’m fun to play against though. My username’s the same on Steam as it is on here =)


Added you - hopefully the right one.


I could give it a try. My monster game is extremely bipolar though. Some days I do really bad, some days I do good, so there is no guarantee I will be good. I currently sit around #10-12 on the Goliath Leaderboards, but most of that is pub stomping. ha.
My steam name is J-rivv. Profile pic is a turtle with a top hat, mustache, and cane.


Mind if I add you lot to the ID collection thread @StartSwimming @Sharper @Quirkly @Jrivv ?


Feel free.


Go right ahead ^.^


Sure. I don’t mind getting my ass kicked here and there. haha. I Main monster with my top being Goliath, but I also like to use Behemoth. Thing I don’t really know if he is truly viable against decent premades. ha


You playing from US or EU @Jrivv ?


I knew I forgot something. US, East Coast.


Go for it. I’m in the EU =)


Still open to Monsters : p


I’m down if you want, steam name same as my forum name.