Looking for Monster PS4


After my last clan split, i have been working hard during 2 weeks to gather 5 good players to build a new competitive team. This line up has never participated to any Evolve esport event yet and we would like to hit the upcoming ESL cups (starting August 2). Our goal is to get enough points in the weekly cups to get a place to the Monthly Final.

Unfortunately, our current Monster has to go inactive.

We are then looking for a new competitive monster (preferably from EU or EAST USA) with esport experience (on any competitive game).

If you are interested, add me on PSN : maderr

Current Line-Up : maderr - Zouya - Gammelforce - Secro1d

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If you need some practice let me know.


Sure, we are available almost everyday, will contact you this week :).


Add me to the list of potential monsters to play against :smile:
And good luck finding a monster for your team!

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