Looking for Monster - Competitive play, ESL Monthly Xbox One


Hellfire Club are an Xbox One Evolve team and have been participating in the ESL for the past few weeks and a new spot in our roster has just recently opened.

We are currently looking for a monster player to join our squad. We are looking for a serious player who is dedicated and willing to put a decent amount of their time into this game, you will be required to be level 40 and have a strong understanding for at least 2 of the monsters.

We have qualified for the ESL monthly tournament on this weekend which we will require you to play in, if any players are interested than just leave your gamer tag with any experience or information which you deem useful and I will respond from xbox live. Any player looking to join will be required to play a try out game by Saturday.


im interested


Ah sure why not

Gt: VileCrib3


I’ll try out
GT: Beniskool77
I’ll be on tomorrow