Looking for members for a Proving Grounds team!


Hello all. I’m finally ready to get into the competitive scene! I already have a monster for Proving Grounds, but I’m still looking for Hunters. We currently need a few members. This is how our roster is looking right now…

Monster: @Raptor
Medic: @Rapterror

Thanks all! I’m looking for a North American Team btw. Message me if you want in. Laters! :blush:

P.S: For those who haven’t heard of Proving Grounds…


can i join


No Victor. I’m literally looking at your screen right now. Leave. You don’t even have Evolve. :joy:


yeah i do brua




im prepared


Sure. Fine. Byez.


What is proving grounds?


It’s a 100 thousand dollar tourney.


Proving Grounds is the new Evolve Tournament. It’s XBone only, and every qualifying match you win is $100 in your pocket. If your team wins the tournament, you win $62,500. You can make $100,000.


i got this bro


This sounds so good. I didn’t know that it was 100 bucks a game, that’s an easy few hundred dollars.


I’mma put ketchup in your milk at lunch.


Psh. You mean a few thousand dollars, right? We’re gonna shred the competition. :sunglasses:


Dude, this sounds amazing. When is it?


All the information you’ll need is here.


2 bad teh monster and medic are Scurbs


im going to stalk you during lunch


dont mess with me

I’m super jealous of you and all your Evolve amazingness @Rapterror! I only wish I could be a real part of this community and maybe help everyone get super high scores on Spacebar Invaders again! P.S. @Hydrawolf is awesome!



@Vicktor You know that you replied to my friend, right?