Looking for Legacy players to join steam group PC


I am going to reinsall the legacy shortly… (aviary yay!) but first I have to clear out about 60 gigs for the install…


Could i maybe join? Steam CompleteGrandluc. Good monster


Yes anyone and everyone can join although I’m busy during the week you can also add @ScornfulEpex (that is his steam id as well)


I am Legacy Evolve.


You are?

Also, Happy Anniversary!


I didn’t know I could have an Anniversay here blush


I’m still looking for more dedicated Legacy Evolve players who want to play. If your actually available to play during weeknights that’s even better. I’m on Steam ScornfulEpex


Don’t believe what they tell you… Legacy is brutal…

Need… to git gud…


Is Kelder in Legacy that savage?


Yes…the only monster not present is Glacial Behemoth.


I didn’t fight a Kelder, but I wasn’t ready to deal with that much wildlife, and it’s pretty common to dome the monster and a sloth or a tyrant along with it if you’re not careful, and they’re freaking aggressive.

Also I seemed to keep jetpack boosting into plants at all the wrong moments, when I was far away from everyone when trying to flank the monster and I just kept bringing the team down.

There’s a lot of visual clutter as well. I mean, coming from Stage 2, I got used to having less fog, less plants and less rain or weather effects in general, so Legacy does feel kinda cluttered and it’s hard to see stuff at times. It takes some getting used to.

Also deep water. I had no idea you could swim in this game.


Very savage :eyes:


Currently on Legacy Evolve, already +10 minutes searching on Quickplay, sigh.


Just join the steam group, @ScornfulEpex invited me to one of his games and even though I totally sucked it was good fun.

I think it would be useful to have a discord server too, though.


I’ve played with Epex before, although the difference in timezone always makes it hard for me to get online during the time they’re online.

Especially now since I changed work hours and I’m only available online on weekdays till 2.30 PM.


We play customs


I know. :stuck_out_tongue: I was referring to how it’s hard for me to join for customs as the time he’s online (or others) is often when I’m not.


Well I only play weekends I work 14 hr days (sometimes longer :sweat:) so just weekends for me basically.


What timezone are you from, if I may ask?


would anyone want to play legacy sometime to day?