Looking for Legacy players to join steam group PC

We have a small (very small) group on steam looking for more people to join for legacy fun. If you are interested add me on steam mykn1f3urf4c387 and I’ll invite you to the group.

See what I mean.


Bruh, give it time. @SledgePainter, @Dovahkick you guys don’t feel like doing Legacy sometimes?

Yes. In fact I will set this up to be able to switch back and forth from Legacy to Stage 2…but right now I’m training for the upcoming tourney and want to stay in Stage 2 due to that. But yes, I really want to get back into Legacy.

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Man…I know there’s a thread about a trick to switch from S2 to Legacy without having to redownload everything, but I think that it’s something tedious.

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@Foxtrot94 has the link to how. It is a little bogus…something about renaming folders and moving a file each time…but it worked for him.

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Lol yeah I suppose well I got one other trick up my sleeve there was a few people in deathins stream asking how to play legacy on pc maybe IF I see them again I’ll recruit them. O sorry I haven’t been home the past 2 days boss sent me out of state for a couple days.

I would like to play legacy as well. I can’t find you on steam though

What’s ur steam id

My steam ID is spoopysnek

I would play Legacy, but the small investment of players in legacy makes it a hard choice to commit that much hard drive space.

A lot of people have more games than I do I suppose I only have pubg,gears of war 4,cod black ops,TF2,sea of thieves and evolve on my pc for games. All on a 500 gb hard drive.

I only use a 250gb ssd myself… I have Evolve Stage 2, Overwatch, Dead by daylight and fortnite installed.
but i honestly really only play 2 of those.

playing right now need 2 for legacy

I’d like to join!
My Steam ID:


Do you guys have a discord or something? It would be easier to find people that way I think.

Edit: my steam ID is Jede Off

Yo, already added some of you guys, so we can play LEGACY later.
If i missed somebody please add me, Steam-ID: xxthepsychoxx
(Orange P)

I couldn’t find you on Steam.

Epex you already have me added.