Looking for lax players to play with


Looking for casual groups of players on Xbox one to play with. Non competitive fun matchmaking/custom. Desperately need player to play with. Gamer tag UCantkillBatman


Working so won’t check reply’s
untill after


I’m always down for a match, GT Fang18


Cool ill add one I redownload evolve


You play on xbox one? I thought you played on ps4?


I’m everywhere bro XkrSkorpion is my PSN ID


Well I am on xbox one, but I would like to play a game with you some time man!


ad me then! My gt is Fang18
I’ve had that same gt since i was fifteen and am not about to toss $10 at my console to change it >.< lol


okay man I will add you, and we can play sometime later!


I’ll be on shortly of u want to play gamer tag is UcantKillBatman add if u want. Just got off work need to shower before I do anything


yessr! I’m crazy busy this week but with any like might be on wednesday
Saturday at the latest


just a note: I saw the thread title said lax and I instantly thought you meant Lacrosse, I used to play lol


Ah haha I never tried that sport seems interesting


I’m down for a match, anytime ( Except when I’m in school :cry:) GT: Videogamer954


adding you rn


Getting on if someone want to play or farm bucket damage.


I will play for a little bit…


Ok ill try to add u


added you.


Says ur offline