Looking for Ideas about a Podcast-type Show Thingy!


Hey all!

Because this forum has an off-topic section and more importantly a community I’ve quickly become fond of, I’ve decided to ask for some help regarding my YouTube channel. I’m not here asking for viewers, subscribers and hits on videos, but merely an idea for a name of something I want to do on my channel.

Currently I have the following:

The Greasy Gamer Show: A review series for PS1 games and peripherals.
Greasy Shorts: Smaller, request-based PS1 game reviews.
Johnbonne Plays: A Let’s Play series which never really finishes.
The Johniverse: A webshow/podcast-y type show thing about World of Warcraft.

The reason why I post the names here is because it might help you help me get ideas for a new web series where I talk about current events in the industry, my brief thoughts on a particular game (released or otherwise), and hot topics like DRM, used games and publishers doing publisher things. I ask the community here not only because it’s delightful, but also because I want to talk in great detail about Evolve and my thoughts on its business practices, design model and give regular coverage throughout its lifespan.

All I need is an idea for a name. I don’t want to use my name John again, nor do I particularly want to put the word Grease in there. I’d do what TotalBiscuit and Boogie2988 (both are huge influences in this decision; that and I like talking to myself, so recording my ramblings and putting them on the net would be better) and just not have a name for this series, but I like everything to be neatly organised.

TL;DR - I need some ideas for a name for a new show. It’ll be mostly audio, talking about things going on in the games industry, thoughts on games I’m currently playing and - as one of the earliest things - Evolve! Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have for a new name for the show ^^

To get an idea of what I’ll be doing see Heelvsbabyface, Mikepreachwow, Jimquisition and Boogie2988.


As you’d like ideas for a name of a show I’ve got nothing.

Pick a starting letter in search terms thats not going to bring up a ton of other searches, or likewise pick a letter/name thats going to ping you onto other searches for other shows.

But, I’ve heard of another podcast thats starting up for that new card game MMO Hex called thresholdpodcast if you’re wanting some advice, maybe those folk would be interested in helping you tinker out starting up.

As you’re trying to get off the ground I’d try to key into a niche community…be involved with them, and like with other shows they can start to carry you until you can stand as a generalist show.

If you start as a generalist show first, I think you’re going to struggle, and really have to exploitative-ly execute the show to be as click bate and lowest common denominator as possible. Otherwise you’re going to really have to provide a level of production or insight that goes beyond joe-blow to get noticed.


Evolution of Games??

a slight tip to Evolve, and an ambiguous title that allows you to delve into aspects of games like publishers and such.


I’d actually like to do a “podcast” sort of thing sometime too, about Evolve and bring up particular topics about the game that have been brought up on this forum previously and discuss them even further, it would be a nice thing to do to kill the time while waiting for the game to come out! :smiley:


Sounds good to me! Or Evolutionary, but that’s likely already taken.

And thanks to everyone else so far for the ideas, very much appreciated! I’m still looking however so if anything comes to mind let me know! ^^


I’d like to see a podcast too, imagine a podcast designed for people on the forum :open_mouth:


Yeah I’ve always toyed with the idea of doing a podcast but the truth is there are already so many good ones out there and as much as I love and follow the games industry, I probably don’t have the time to dedicate to doing one consistently each week. :frowning:


At the rate news is coming out, you might have just enough time, to record a short one in spare time?


Short Circuit in memory of Johnny number 5.

Bite Sized Bits if you are doing small blurbs consistently.

Ex-Gen (Instead of Next Gen) if you are going for more of a past throwback feel.

Deconstructing Evolution if you are dissecting current trends and talking about current events about gaming.

Gamesters Paradise because it sounds like Gangster Paradise. Not much else for this one. But hey! Games!

Thats all I got for now, maybe some more will pop up later.


Some brilliant ideas there, I particularly liked Ex Gen and Short Circuit ^^


Hey all! Just a quick question to ask peeps while I’m working on the show: do Podcasts need video, or would an image do suffice? I know they’re mostly an audio thing, but when I link the first few Evolve videos on this thread I want you guys to be satisfied with what you’re seeing and hearing!


Well it can just be a static image and you could possibly throw in some Evolve clips during, that normally works!

By the way, Johnbonne, do you have Skype at all?


Thanks very much!

I do have Skype but I don’t know how to work it. I’ll get back to you tomorrow and get on there! ^^


I don’t mind either way, but I rarely watch the screen I’m playing the podcast on, since I’m usually doing other things when I listen to them.


Ah righto! I too like to listen to them when playing games I don’t want the sound on for, so I reckon I’ll be fine showing any old gameplay. I’ll have to ask the dudes and dudettes of Evolve if I’m already using their gameplay trailers and whatnot before getting that though ^^