Looking for hunters xbox 1


looking for a support and trapper if anyones intrested my gamer tag is MileHighMobsta1 we already have a real good medic and i devestate as the assualt but really anyone intrested id be glad to have on the team!!!


i’m up for it. i had actually made a thread a few minutes before this one.

i’ve added you.


Sounds good I’ll be on in like a hr if u wanna get a game on then?


yeah, sure man. i’ll probably still be playing.


I’m on now but I don’t see u tho


My gamertag is aTrampWhoCamps.
Send a message my way if you’re still looking for a Support. :smile:


hey feel free to add me gamertag ninenejii I main trapper level 40 looking for a decent bunch of guys to play with.


Saints944 if you want, always looking for more people to play with



I play a mean bucket.


I’ll send all of you a friend request