Looking For Hunters To Go On Wild Hunt- PS4


What is going on to who ever is reading this. I’m just looing for friends to join me in the wild hunt. I’m currently on level 15 and I primarily use Medic. However that doesn’t mean I won’t use the 4 other classes. It just depends on the kind of team we’re rolling out with. I will keep this short and simple and give you a list of the kind of player I’m not looking for. Well ok well one of them is what I am looking for. You know what mean.

  1. Don’t be a kid
  2. Don’t be a jack ass- That goes for talking for talking to people as well.
  3. Do use a mic- Communication can go a long ways. It will also make the match more fun
  4. Don’t be an angry player
  5. Don’t be stupid- You know what I mean.
  6. Don’t be a lone hunter- That isn’t what Evolve is about. It’s also can make a difference in losing the round.

BlackMamba679 is my PSN name. There is no reason to post your PSN name just add me. Once you add me just hit me up with a party chat.