Looking for help with playing as Goliath


Hey guys. Just start off saying I was super excited for this game, and I’m having a blast so far. I just got it Tuesday, and haven’t had tons of time with it yet. I started off playing solo as monster. I tried a few hunters but I wanted to get something down before I move on. I want to have everything down to some extent before going on line. I consider myself an average gamer. I’m not elite, not horrible. So my first probably 10-15 matches I lost. Then I finally broke through and won two. Now today, I have lost everyone. I make it to stage 3 with most health a lot of the time, but still lose. I realize that some maps are not as advantageous to Goliath, but I’ve Been mixing it up. I do get a little overwhelmed by the rapid pace. My muscle memory isn’t quite there yet with the buttons, but I know that wil come. I’m just surprised how quickly they get my armor down. I am maybe having a hard time spotting mines. I also don’t have a sound strategy for attack. Part of me thinks I should take out medic first, part of me thinks take out assault so I’m not getting hammered. But like Tyson said, " everyone has a plan until they get hit". In the heat I tend to just go fighting everyone. So what’s a good strategy? What are most important weapons to have full? I’ve been mostly going with 3 rock throw, 2 charge, 2 leap smash, 1 fire. And lastly, is ere. Trick to killing vs incap someone? Thanks in advance. Sorry I kind of rambled there, just had questions coming into my had as I typed.


The who to take down first depends on their team and what you want.

Take down the medic ? Enemy team dies faster.

Take down support ? The team can’t run and has no shield/damage amp/turrets.

Take down assault ? They take longer to kill you.

Take down trapper ? No arena and less CC.


Thanks for the response. Is there a superior, or easiest path to victory as far as who to attack? Also, right now I’m just playing vs first group of hunters. I just feel like my armor and health go away so easy vs when I’m watching you tube vids etc. like, I get the concept, but I just keep losing. It’s very frustrating. Day one and two, I was like, " alright, it’s early" now, not that I’ve played a ton, but day three, steady losing, does wear on me. Not blaming game, just something not clicking. Am I an idiot? Are other ppl not even laying solo, and just jumping in beating kids who also are no good? It’s maddening!!


If Hank is present, I make him my priority. Then it’s medic, and then assault, and then trapper for last.

If Laz is present, then him first, followed by support, assault and trapper.

If BOTH Hank and Laz are present, … Hank first to bait out Laz. Then Laz. I think you get the drill.


Thanks for this. I was away for work for four days and couldn’t play. I got back, and this has helped a lot. Gives me a plan.


keep in mind the bots in this game are by no means “Pushovers.” if the difficulty is set to balanced or prefer hunters, they will mess up even an experienced monster. i believe this is mostly do to the fact that they don’t miss, which is why you may be losing your armor so fast. in general a good strategy as other people have said is to prioritize the medic. Without them the team cannot stay in the long fight. Another good tip is to keep moving in combat. its scary how a well placed leap can drastically reduce oncoming damage. And as for everything else, practice makes perfect. try your luck out online, you’d be surprised how many unorganized hunters play worse than the bots.


I dint have a good plan. I just kind of stayed in one spot and got frantic. I’m also just getting more comfortable with the controls. Also, I’m not just waiting till stage three to engage. It seems crucial to soften them up throughout. I may lose early sometimes, but I was ALawAYS losing late before. So a little practice, and trying to read ppls thoughts and strategies on here is helping. Time to start having fun. And yea, I can definitely see how ai hunters could be better than random humans. Ai seem to work as a good team.


Couple of comments;

Rock throw is your highest damage output with an 8 second cool down.
Flame is your second highest damage output with an 8 second cool down.
Leap is also your second highest damage output but with a 20 second cool down.
Charge is good for escape.

Keeping the above in mind, for max damage output your stage 3 build could be;

3 rock, 3 flame, 2 leap, 1 charge.

Stage 1 I get 2 flame and 1 charge. The flame for farming wildlife if I don’t get a successful sneak attack or if that stupid pack of dogs comes along. The charge is good as an escape.

Stage 2 I get 3 points in rock. Get armor to max then try to kill one or two of the hunters, run away and get enough wildlife to obtain stage 3.

Stage 3 - before evolving find some big creeps and kill them, then evolve, then eat to get some armor straight away. End build as above.

Remember, water clears your tracks so if you are trying to lose the hunters jump in a river, go in a random direction then sneak once out of the water.

Smart hunters will usually have a hunter in the middle of the map that jet packs straight up and does a 360 degree scan of the entire map. Keep this in mind, if you are sneaking around and can see the centre of the map, then the hunters can probably see you.

At the start of the match I always sneak away. It helps to know the map layouts. If I see the hunters heading in a direction I’ll actually follow and eat wildlife behind them. Hardly anyone ever double backs on themselves as they consider an area they have run through to have been “cleared”.

Just some ramblings, hope it helps.

Oh yeah, perk… take the eat fast. you might swap that up for damage output or armor later, but learning you just want to eat fast, especially if they get on your trail.


One other thing, the bots on hard difficulty are not as good as people who have reached level 30+. If you can beat the hard mode bots in hunt mode then you stand a decent chance of beating an average hunter team.