Looking for group. (XBone)


Just looking for a group of people to play with. I like to play trapper but willing to play anything if needed. Gt Clemen7s


This should help you find some people:

Happy Hunting!


Hey mate at my gamer tag: Michaelthehendo
I will be on in around 5 hours have a grp of 3


Add me. I’m looking to get a good team to enter the tournament so we can win big! :smiley: my gamer tag is mikedog6000 on xbox one


Hey mike I play competitively aswell add my gamer tag I’m at work ATM but would be keen to get a grp together later


Ok, I’m from Texas so it’s about 8:30 am over here. I work 8-5pm and I’m almost always online after work because let’s face it…IM ADDICTED TO EVOLVE!! :grin::smile: I’m working for the next 8 1/2 hours but I’ll add you on xbox and we can see if we can do some damage to the monster later!

Last night i played with some other friends and we managed to win 9 games in a row! Lol I was rank 10,000 and after our win streak I moved all the way up to rank 170 in the world! (As Cabot)


So it’s 2pm where you are now and 6 am
For me because I’m in Australia I will be only in hopefully 8-9 hours and would be keen to Play some solid games tonight


That means you need to be on around 11pm hopefully you are up that late if not going to be hard for us :confused:


Yeah…that makes it kinda difficult to play with each other…I normally get off around midnight but i stayed up till 2am because we were on a wining streak! :smiley:

I will always be online till 5am on the weekends so i can play you then for sure.


Yer weekends sounds good bro because I don’t work so I can jump on in the morning which will be your afternoon :slight_smile: 2 easy


Add me on xbox gamertag Detroit313goon


I’m down. buz killington0


hey i am a competent support/medic if you are still looking. msg boomy169


I will be on in 1 hour and I will add you guys


Set up your game here, while you wait:



My name is queendragonage and I’ve also been looking for a team. As long as i’m not monster i’m good. I’d love to join a group and play evacuation or something.





Hey there @gameboypro2303, you’ll want to check out this topic!