Looking for group on Xbox one

I can play pretty much any class. My gamertag is JustExecuti0ner so invite me and we can play

Try looking here:

or here:

and here:
Be sure to add your info. as well so others can find you!

Supercodebreak XONE LFG looking for group

Looking to join a team for this tournament on Xbox one. Prefer to play as monster or trapper. My gamertag is GIBBU.

Who wants to play Evolve daily? I’m looking to find ppl to play with on Xbox one. Please have mics. My Xbox One Gamertag is JoeyFiggz8

This thread’s super old!

@TheMountainThatRoars @Sentry_Gun @SledgePainter @Bot can we get a close please?

@JoeyFiggz8 if you’re looking for people to play with feel free to make your own thread let’s not raise the dead ones :slight_smile:

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