Looking for group On Xbox 1


I can play any class, prefer assault or trapper. Hit me up, GT is SeniorRickyBobby On Xbox one


Add me, my gt is Mr Jaime18. I prefer the trapper


I play 10 to midnight eastern standard time. I’m average but will play any class when I’m not feeling the monsters. User name.


I play generally after 6 depending on school and lacrosse I’ll play any class my gammer tag is. xX PrEd470rZ Xx


I’m setting up a group here if you’re interested: http://www.battlestandards.com/clans/8


Cool, still looking for more people


GT : Merciless dawng

I play as trapper(Griff)
just shoot me an inv anyone if u wanna make a premade


this should help you find the people you are looking for :slight_smile:


Add me on xbox 1! My favorite class is support and My gt is the same as my username mikedog6000. I will be online all night tonight.


GT : x13allsx love playing monster but love support too!


This could help:


ON Xbox1 looking to play afternoons to late evenings wed-sund. Mon/tues anytime. want to find a team and develop some strategies against the monster willing to take on any role fav to least tracker/assault/support/medic message me on live gamertag same as username (I in zilla is lower case L)