Looking for group on PS4


I play medic or support mainly but I can play just about anything
I have slim elited.


He’s a great guy, I highly recommend him. ^.^


Its funny I’m so good at medic my teams WON’T let me play anything else.


You’re welcome to come play with my group! I play with Plaff and Brandini but there are many more of us :smile: Do you have a headset?


Of course I have a headset :slight_smile: Communication is key


I like you already! What’s your PSN ID?


xino_zero :smile:


I wish you the best in your new endeavors. ^.^


@Shin & @xino_zero
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If both of you are interested, I lead a tactical Evolve clan known as Nova and would love if you guys wanted to join! You can PM me, or check out my thread in the “Looking for Member” section and I’d be more than happy to provide more information!


I was actually interested :smiley:


PM me and I can give you info to get started!


Oma-83 add me if you like, I’m usually Medic as well but I play any other class too.


Hit me up man. I’m looking to get a team going. I’m on level 24 and I play assault. PSN is BlackMamba679