Looking for good teammates on xbox one


I’m just looking for a group of people to play with, a lot of my friends fell off of the game and it sucks. I can play pretty much any role except medic (excluding laz, because I played with him from the beta on)


I’m down to clown.

It’s hard roaming the streets of Evolve public matches by myself without a posse. GT is Suzanne Craft


sweet, hopefully we can grab some more people too


I typically run 5/6 man customs but extra people is always nice. My GT: TheHermaeusMora

Both of you guys feel free to add me


for sure man mine is OPTIMUS PRIMME


This is a good starting spot to meet new players on xbox TheEvolveGroup(Xbox Players Go Here! 150+ Members!)


Yup! Had some fun games with players that picked me up from there.

OP you can add me too if you’d like: crimsonregret55


Anyone add me!


SQUARE Necron add me brah


Im not perfect, but ill join if you let me


BipedPlayer2 I got people but we can take more feel free to add and we will see how you do what class’s you play




if you accept me its medic or support


Feel free to add me

GT- FL Biowolf

Preferably players with mics


so who are you gonna add


I added you, my GT is “C00kie M0nsta x”

I’d like to spectate a Custom Match if you wouldn’t mind, it’s the only achievement I haven’t got but after that I’d love to actually play customs with you and others! :smile:


ok i will look for you after school


thank you so much my life is complete


I’m pretty elite at the game and haven’t lost for a good few weeks (as both Hunter and Monster), so I could do you well.

Accordingly, I happen to be pretty beast with Kala or Crow; feel free to add me if you need any assitance taking on a Monster.

Gamertag: Actinic Hazard


I’m definitely down. Just picked the game up again. I’m a pretty damn good medic. I mainly Play Caira and Slim. My GT is Muhzzy, feel free to add me, anyone.