Looking for good monster player on PSN for training purposes


So me and my friend play Evolve on a somewhat regular basis, and we play to win. But in recent events we have seen lots of loses… So we were wondering if there were any good monster players out there on PSN (Goliath and/or Behemoth preferably) that would be willing to do some custom games w/ us and help us get better. Let me know. In case you were wondering I play as medic (mainly Slim) and my friend plays as assault (mainly Torvald). My PSN id is SHED_BLUD_69


I am a good kracken player but I’m an even better Abe player 3rd in world on playstation 1 in usa if you want trapper or monster tips hit me up psn is crazybread101
I’m busy the next two days definitely Im free on weekends definitely though normally


I’d be up for playing against you guys, I need to work on my Goliath play. My PSN’s “Plaff_”, feel free to add me :slight_smile: