Looking for good Evolve Music Videos


like the title says post the best AMV/GMV of evolve you can find or suggestions on relevant songs to make a AMV/GMV of evolve


Slight bias, but I dig it.


It’s my favorite one I’ve seen lol


Huzzah! I’m actually proud of that one. Took less than 24 hours as a self challenge to see what I could do within that time frame.



you guys are the best i swear


One of my favs… :slight_smile:


this is indeed epic


Dan Bull is great, my favourite is his Planetside 2 rap.


I remember when you first posted this! I gave some feedback about the font you we using at the time, and you were super quick to make an updated version, and then even fixed some other small stuff that I gave constructive critisism about!

And this video turned out so great. I still check it out once in a while, and it made me listen to 30 Seconds to Mars :+1:

Good stuff.