Looking for friends to play with in Destiny 2


I love this game. I want to do raids and nightfalls (which I’ve done once), but I can only use the looking for group feature on Xbox. I want some xbox friends who still enjoy this game to play and do raids and stuff. I really want to do the raid. Please be my friend.


This is me with no friends to play Destiny with.


This is me when I do have friends to play with.

Please save tiny pickles from depression by adding my GT on Xbox



Why’d you make a new thread and not just post it on the Destiny Thread? We’re only supposed to have one thread per non-TRS game.


Cuz my undying passion for this game has caused me to break the rules


Time to summon a staff merge???


If you wanna, I was to tired last night to even think about it and now I’m a little busy lol


Summoning @MaddCow, @Takran, or @TheMountainThatRoars