Looking for Feedback for my offline image for twitch


Hello I’m interested in some opinion regarding my offline picture you can view at my twitch channel which is twitch.tv/progamingcinema to see how it scales or below. My inspiration is sort of following the logo of evolve which is 4 blocks of the same size for the hunters and one bigger block for the monsters, but chose to keep the hunters colors:


Wow, this is pretty good.
You have everything there so i dont see any problem :smile:
You did a good job!


Straightforward. The image tells the story with no further explanation needed. I approve.


It gets the job done, and that’s the most important thing in my eyes.


Me thinks this is a good image. There is one problem though: you can’t really expect Evolve to give you the class you want all the time. So it’ll be pretty much kinda Medic Monday, kinda Support Tuesday and so on.


Good point, but I general have good luck with the roles i chose for my preferences. Not sure how I could swap that around though on my image haha


Haha yeah it might be difficult now. But I think the image is fine as long as you’re actually following your “rules”. I find the idea of playing specific classes/monsters on the specific day amazing.


I just updated my offline page do you think the second one is better? I made the hunter colors a little more vibrant while not too different and I added the monsters to the color purple. I also had these colors to evolve logo to not only help people see why these tiles are colored but also to help showcase that the actual logo illustrates the game is 4 V 1. I also reduced the amount of text to make it easier to look at specifically under the monsters. I also streamlined the times when I stream plus added to follow as well. Do you think this version is better. I think the colors make it a little more original for design and more professional.


Yes, I think this one is better. Not as text heavy as previous one and all the important info is present too. I don’t know if I made a good judge though lol but I say good job


I don’t like the purple. It doesn’t contrast well with the skins of the Monsters. Rest of the colors are pretty good. The red is ever so slightly darker of a hue than I would like, but very very close.


The main reason I made the red darker was I didnt like how similar was to orange in the logo. any suggestions for what color i could use for the monster. The only other thing im working on is the spacing of the text and images inside the hunter blocks since there some variations specifically in the border thickness of the trapper


What about using a charcoal gray? Gives the monsters a bit more ominous flair. It makes them standout against the background, but could be too close to what their skin colors are. Try that. If not, you could try just a black background and throw up the albino elite skins for them as that would really make them pop.


good idea Ill try the albino skins do you have the link by chance for where those skins are in the forums? If not Ill find it


Should be first post.


Cool Im still working on the alignment of the hunter tiles but I got a process down so once thats done I have to remake some of the assault since its sort of bugged up but i should be able to save it then I’ll do the different color with the current monsters and some with albino


I cant use those skins though they are cropped off so only parts of the monster are showing :frowning:


I edited the image in my first post with the most current version. The only change I made was I re-spaced all the hunter tile components and center the text. I tried the charcoal, and a tan color, but they didn’t really match the color scheme so I stuck with the purple. The only thing I could think of changing is making the spaces between the hunter tiles smaller but I sorta like how it divides the overall image into two halves and then into fourths and also it makes it easier to visually separate the hunters. Let me know what you think


Heres several hours of work in a a one minute video of me working on my image lol:
here it is