Looking for extreamly competitive xbox one hunters


hello i am on Xbox one. am looking for a medic, a support, and a assault. I’ve got trapper covered well. the group I play with is not competitive enough at the game and I feel they bring me down. really looking asap. I would be ok with playing anytime. I take my evolve very serious, not to be a dick but I don’t like when the monster wins:) hit me up on forums or Xbox one gamer tag(DANIMAL1018) please be over 18 or mature for your age, no loud kids lol. am 24 and they stress me out.


Try looking here:

or here:

and here:
Be sure to add your info. as well so others can find you!


Lord Satanos. I work most days. I love playing Hyde, but I can fill just about any role. Not to mention I have people I play with that are semi-serious players.