Looking for Evolve team [Trapper, Xbox One]

lts Ducksauce - trapper (my name is a L)
Looking for 3 good players

Platform? :smile:

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Hey man add me on Steam i have alot of good players and am consistantly helping teams get together EoU TPA etc so please contact me imidatly so i can help you and support you as fast as possible.

Like, the streamer Ducksauce?

Hey Savvy! What is your steam tag? I am very interested in finding a team.

Edited your topic and title for clarity.

If you would like to find a team, please list your platform. Just saying what your username is provides people with no clarity as to where they can reach you. XBone, PS4, or PC, people need to know this stuff.

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Re-edited the title from

“Looking for Evolve team - Its ducksauce” to “Looking for Evolve team [Trapper]” for clarity

You pleb, I edited the Ducksauce part, not you.

You must have done it just as I was posting then, as that’s what the title was called when I edited it :sweat_smile:

Maybe it doesn’t show up unless you refresh the page? :wink:

Again, pleb.

Did you even read what I put. o.0

When I pressed edit, that’s what it was. You must have changed it then, as I started editing it. Pleb :stuck_out_tongue:

I changed it five hours ago, you changed it four. Thus, you are indeed the pleb.

Well, I just looked at what the title was at that time, and changed it, OK? I typically open up 20+ threads, and work through them, so if the title only gets updated by refreshing the page,its possible that that was why I didn’t see the change. It’s not like I checked to see the first ever name for the thread, to use that you plebian, so pleb off, and stop derailing the thread pleblord.


u r still a pleb m8

I don’t deserve this torrent of abuse you pleb :’(

Stahp plez

It took me a minute to realize what the hell you were talking about, since you changed your picture.

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#Gaze upon my magnificence!

And you can’t call me a pleb now, cause I’m too cool for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wow guys! Let’s stay on topic please :smile: :cop:

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That’s why I haven’t replied.