Looking For Evolve Hunters/Monsters With Transparent Background

I’d like to throw in some custom thumbnails for my Evolve videos but wanted to avoid the hassle of having to edit out the orange from all of the backgrounds of the characters. Is there anywhere I can find these backgrounds removed so that I can reuse them?

Fansite kit: http://downloads.2kgames.com/evolvev3/images/uploads/Approved%20Fansite%20Kit.zip

Cosplay kit: https://downloads.2kgames.com/evolvev3/images/uploads/Evolve_Cosplay_guide.zip

I believe the Fansite Kit one has the PSDs for the characters.

EDIT: try now

Neither of those urls are working. 404 Not Found.

Go here:

Just a heads up though, the newer characters/monsters won’t be in there.
I believe they need to be updated!

As long as it minimizes the majority of the work, I am happy with it. I just don’t want to have to do it for every single character.

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Do you have Photoshop?
Just wondering because they’re PSD files, and if you don’t I can later go and save PNG images from that Fansite Kit for you.

Yeah I have Photoshop so I can use them, thanks!

Unfortunate they don’t have the newer characters as I’ve been uploading a lot of Rogue Val. Going to need to find a good Rogue Val image that I can crop then.

I’ll see what I can find

Only one I can find is this:


Going to be verrrry hard cropping out all that black around her black outfit, lol

Yeah, that’s probably the only one besides her turnaround which is just T-pose
You can always make a copy of her and adjust the levels to see her outline better. Paint it out with a mask and then move the mask to the original copy. If that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s some of the newer ones

Don’t have a posed Meteor Goliath, but here’s his turnaround

Yup, already got those. I’m currently working on Rogue Val and will post her with a transparent background here in case anyone else wishes to use her later. Unfortunately I need to shut down my computer in a bit and won’t be back for while. I’ll try and post the image later today though.

Here is Rogue Val with transparent background like promised:

Not my best work, but just rushing it for a YouTube thumbnail which will downgrade quality anyways.


Dude… MSPAINT… gosh… geesh

Oh its a she… We love our meaty