Looking for EU - PC team


Soooo … 800h of gameplay later and lots has changed. Unfortunately most of the people I used to play abandoned the game or turned into stuck up fiends sooo…

Although I highly doubt I will find something similar, I am trying to find for a competitive PC hunter team that has the features below :

  • Europe based (preferably)

  • At least 500h or more of gameplay each member

  • Communicating in English —> which translates in : please be able to talk in English with a vocabulary of more than 10 Evolve oriented words

  • Non stuck up people —> which translates in : if you think you are the Pope just because you are playing Evolve at a level that could be described as above good, please f%^& off =)
    Having fun is part of the prerequisities.

((If you think you are the Pope for other reasons it’s all good and you can contact me , I have relatives that can clinically help with the situation X-D))
  • Enjoying playing Evolve at a level higher than casual gaming

There are lots of good friends and players out there that match the criteria but unfortunately lack the will to commit to creating a team or at least playing as a team more often than ‘‘just whenever it comes up to be together’’.

That being said when I say I am looking for a team it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be formally formed, with team name etc etc. as long as there is a cluster of 4 / 5 / 6 people that play together consistently in order to get better both with each other in terms of tactics and individually.

Playing Prefs: Medic - Assault
SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lerneros


No high hopes but…bumpity bump


El_BeastroWW sorry I’m in TX ha


Pretty sure I’ve seen you around online. I’m up for scrims if you find a team